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Focused locally, thinking globally. What we at FETTCH stand for

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Shopping locally does a world of good. From creating alternatives to high waste cross border delivery to investing in packaging that eliminates waste and ensuring our retail partners share our sustainability goals, FETTCH is committed to the harnessing the power of local to affect global change.


Customer Obsession

FETTCH was designed to delight customers, to give busy people time for the moments that matter to them while providing them the most exciting, most, dynamic, and most streamlined shopping experience. We are constantly working to make shopping more instant, more simplified, more accessible, more cost effective, and more dynamic for our customers.


Evolution and Innovation

Our passion is technology, in spearheading the future of retail tech. We are obsessed with exploring every conceivable potentiality, giving our customers and our retailers technology that excites them, that shocks them, that moves them, and that makes shopping more tailored, more exciting, more advanced, and ultimately smarter.




FETTCH set out to let our stores offer their customers delivery within minutes. That standard has fostered a company wide obsession with speed. FETTCH is investing in technologies and infrastructure that bring everything into the realm of the instant, finding new ways to bring lightning fast speeds to our customers.

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