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FETTCH - Shopping Made Simple

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Technology is constantly evolving, transforming and shaping our world. This transformation has extended to the retail industry as traditional stores must now find new ways to remain competitive in the marketplace. In particular, omni-channel retailers are struggling to meet sales targets as they strive to compete against the big-box retailers such as Amazon. These larger companies are able to capture the majority of the market share as they are able to provide instant gratification, market heavily, and satisfy consumer preference(s). Given the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, this problem has become even more magnified. As a Toronto retail tech start-up, The FETTCH team has created an innovative new platform to align retail with technology and create a seamless product transforming your shopping experience. We promote local businesses and provide a marketplace to get your favourite products from your favourite stores with minimal effort and delay. #Shoppingmadelocal

FETTCH is a centralized mobile commerce marketplace with integrated payments, on-demand delivery, and real time inventory selection which connects shoppers in busy cities to their favourite brick and mortar retailers allowing them to shop seamlessly through the FETTCH app. Unlike boutique e-commerce, the company has centralized the experience on a platform that is dynamic, user-friendly and equips shoppers to purchase an incredible range of products across all channels including; beauty, home goods, essentials, apparel, and pharmaceuticals.

As easily as ordering food from uber, you can now browse seamlessly via the FETTCH app and have your item of choice delivered straight to your door within minutes. Also just as you’d track your Uber Eats’ McDonalds with high anticipation, you can now track your FETTCH driver from the comfort of your couch. FETTCH has optimized its technological infrastructure allowing you to receive your products quicker than any delivery and marketplace competitors such as UPS, Canada Post, Amazon and Ebay. We value your convenience and make sure you can now shop safely (let’s not forget to socially distance ourselves!) and conveniently, with minimum effort and maximum speed. The FETTCH team has officially eradicated the concept of a traditional tracking number and have given a new meaning to the famous saying ‘same day delivery’. #Shoppingmadesimple #Deliverynearme

Our optimized delivery platform sounds very exciting, but hold on, you’re missing out on the most impressive functions of FETTCH! The company strives to leverage its exceptional IT capabilities to break all technological barriers and transform your retail experience. By using artificial intelligence, big data analytics and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, FETTCH will interpret and act on meaningful data to draw insights on important consumer patterns and behaviour, optimize recommendations, and forecast trends to enhance your overall customer experience. We strive to build you your own personalised and custom-made FETTCH platform, tailored to your specific measurements and desires. #Shoppingmadesmarter

All in all, FETTCH would like to offer you your favourite retailers at the tip of your fingers, at the step of your door, within minutes - A one stop personalized retail platform, with tailored recommendations, and features satisfying all your personal cravings – a foundation for your local community to grow and flourish alongside you. If that sounds like a plan, then wait not longer and get #FETTCH’D along with the rest of us.

Stay tuned for the launch of our application FETTCH –

Yours Truly,

The FETTCH Tech Club

Sahir Kurji Lead Data Analyst

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