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FETTCH Technologies Inc. is a retail technology company with a commitment to evolve the shopping experience at every turn. Our mission is to develop technology to produce efficiencies and create new possibilities within retail - to simplify through innovation. FETTCH is local shopping in its most convenient, most seamless, and most instant form. It is retail made smarter , more sustainable, and ultimately more simple so shoppers can purchase anything and have it delivered within minutes. 


FETTCH  began with a modest observation by our CEO in November of 2019 while studying at the University of Toronto.  People in cities need and want to shop but are time poor without the ability to easily buy what they want. Between school, work, internships, social obligations, and busy schedules, individuals in urban centres  do not have time to spend hours in store to buy what they want and need. The best option then defaults to online shopping, diverting business away from amazing local stores and brands and contributing to the enormous amounts of waste incurred by online cross border delivery and the penultimate decline in physical retail. This decline in physical retail is symptomatic of some of the static components of retail which renders some retailers unable to compete with its more powerful players (Amazon, Walmart etc.).


FETTCH is a powerful solution developed and designed by our team to propel physical retailers in our cities. FETTCH was created to equip stores with the technologies that not only help them succeed but thrive and engage customers in exciting and evolving ways.  Designed to be the next marketplace - a one stop shop - FETTCH optimizes the potential of brick and mortar stores and lets customers save more time to do what they love. 


FETTCH is shopping made smarter, faster, more tailored, more seamless, and ultimately simple.

Welcome to a transformative way to shop locally through FETTCH.

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